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Creaking Floorboards (2/3)
Hospital was chaos all over again.
Nurse at the reception desk looked like they had just woken her up when they entered and she threw several questions at them, including a very insensitive mention of needing a parent agreement to admit Sasuke for a check-up. He started crying again and Mimiko wanted to scream. She didn’t have a chance though, because Hebi stepped in and after a few barked orders had them ushered into a small room at the end of the corridor, where they were told to wait.
For a second Mimiko wasn’t sure what to do. Then she set Susuke down on the narrow examination table, gently disentangling his hands from the folds of her jacket. A small sound of protest, almost made her reconsider the idea.
He was alone, scared and she was taking the last bit of safety away from him.
She was an awful person. In more ways than one.
‘The doctor will have a look at you shortly and it will be easier this way’ she explained, fingering the edge of his shirt. ‘
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Let it Rain by Mimiko-Flamemaker Let it Rain :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 14 0 Girls In Iwa by Mimiko-Flamemaker Girls In Iwa :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 19 0
Creaking Floorboards (1/3)
Author: MimikoFlamemaker
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: M
Summary: Mimiko follows her gut and gets a lot more than she ever bargained for. Or the story of how she found Sasuke. Mostly for the sake of angst and a bit of an insight of how Mimiko took it all. A bit of jump-back in time, but that’s the plan.
(Patsumi 13yo, Mimiko 12yo, Sasuke 6yo)
Creaking Floorboards (1/3)
The streets of Konoha were dark and quiet as they made their way home from the evening training session. It took longer than expected, since Mimiko had to nearly wrestle Patsumi into obedience and now the village seemed almost deserted, its inhabitants tucked safely in their homes, sleeping.
‘Patsumi, you don’t have to cling to me like that…’ Mimiko groaned, fighting to pull her friend’s forearm far enough away from her throat to ensure mostly unobstructed breathing.
If anything, the loop around her neck tightened even further.
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Broken Masks (4/4)
The flying blade made no sound, other than a gentle thud, as it hit the target dead-centre. One after the other, she sent her kunai at the small round shields, moving through the training area with a blinding speed.
She desperately needed to blow off some steam. Patsumi was working her shift in the hospital and Mimiko has assured her, repeatedly, that she was fine. Which was a lie and they both knew it, but Patsumi chose not to nag her about it this time. Part of Mimiko was grateful for that – there were things in life people had to work out by themselves. The second part of her however, missed the distraction her friend would have provided – both by arguing and keeping her company during training.
By the looks of it, she will have to take a new mission earlier than she anticipated.
Spinning in the air she released the last barrage of kunai into the targets. She grimaced when her feet touched the ground louder than she expected them to. She cut off the chakra flowing throug
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Pests by Mimiko-Flamemaker Pests :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 18 7 For Fuck's s... by Mimiko-Flamemaker For Fuck's s... :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 27 10 'Broken Masks' Mimiko by Mimiko-Flamemaker 'Broken Masks' Mimiko :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 32 5
Broken Masks (3/4)
There was something about hospitals that was making normal people uncomfortable.
Not that she thought Patsumi and the other healers weren’t normal, but it clearly required some very specific characteristics to feel completely at ease in this place.
And manage to get other relaxed.
Maybe, it was because the floors were so clean, her boots squeaked against the polished linoleum with every step down the corridor.
Maybe it was the subtle, but ever present scent of antiseptic that seemed to be clinging to everything, her hair and clothes included, even long after she left the building. Whatever that was, it was enough to leave a vague sense of uneasiness creeping along her spine.
Mimiko shifted the flowers in her hands, staring at the door. Now that she got here, it felt ridiculous to bring them, no matter what mum had told her. They barely knew each other and simple courtesy didn’t feel like a good reason to…
She wasn’t the kind of person to bring flowers in the fir
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Broken Masks (2/4)
Mimiko entered the office as soon as she heard the muttered permission. She pushed the door open, stepping into the room and bowing, showing the old man behind the desk the utmost respect.
‘Mimiko, my dear’ Sarutobi glanced up from the scroll he was reading and smiled. ‘You can leave your report on the desk. I already got the letter from the Daimyo’ he tapped the parchment with a wrinkled finger. ‘He is most impressed with your performance. Not so much with the fact that you stole away one of his best guards...’
‘I did no such thing, Hokage-sama. We spent a lot of time together, that’s true, but it was ultimately Asuma’s decision to return to the village...’
‘And I did not say that he was angry with you’ the old man’s smile got a bit wider. ‘I’m the last person to hold that against you. If that’s all, you can go…’
Mimiko didn’t move from her spot
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Broken Masks (1/4)
Author: MimikoFlamemaker
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: T
Summary: In which Kakashi drops into Mimiko’s life. And her secret is once again out.
A/N: There was a point (a long, long time ago) when I thought that Sasuke was cute or, at the very least, redeemable.
(Mimiko 15yo, Patsumi 16yo, Kakashi 23yo, Sasuke 9yo)
Broken Masks (1/4)
Something tugged on one of her signalling wires, jostling her awake. Or maybe just getting her attention – she never slept well while in the field. Even worse, when she was alone and curled up on a branch, where any unnecessary movement could result in breaking one’s neck. Sometimes safety measures were shit, but she adhered to them anyway, much more fond of a hurting back than a kunai into the sternum. And there was no point in getting dad all worked up over her perceived recklessness, if he would ever find out. Mimiko was many things, but careless wasn’t one of them.
She pulled her fe
:iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 2 14
Patsumi Profile
--- Basic Info ---

Patsumi Sarutobi
Kanji: 猿飛 パツミ
Meaning: “Patsumi” is a made up name, that I thought sounded cool and fitting with canon where not every name is an actual name. However, after some digging it turns out that “tsumi” can either mean “Japanese Sparrowhawk” (a small bird of prey) or “sin” while “pa” can be short form from “patto” which means “suddenly, in a flash”. And I honestly couldn’t have more luck with that name. “Sarutobi” means “monkey jump”, but everyone probably knows that already.
from the very young age the word “princess” (姫, Hime) and variations of thereof seemed to be sticking to her. Her parents, family, Mimiko and their teammates, and later even Kisame – everyone picked up “princess” as her default nickname.
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Obligatory Team Photo by Mimiko-Flamemaker Obligatory Team Photo :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 40 5 Rascals by Mimiko-Flamemaker Rascals :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 18 0 What Remains... by Mimiko-Flamemaker What Remains... :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 25 0 My Daughters by Mimiko-Flamemaker My Daughters :iconmimiko-flamemaker:Mimiko-Flamemaker 27 2


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JoO - Chapter 13

I'm still riding the wave of inspiration that had hit me regarding this story. And realizing that no matter how far and for how long I will stray Middle Earth will always be a place to return to.

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Hello, and thank you for the watch.

Yes, Mimiko is my OC so thank you for letting me know. I had quite a break from drawing her and I'm aware that a lot of her pictures are all over internet - the one you linked me to is however made out of edited anime screenshots and it displays her oldest looks so I don't think accusing of stealing applies here :)

I'm just glad you found me, the original creator ;P
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